Your staff are job hunting in January 🙁

It’s approaching. The annual “Month of Moving On”. When unhappy staff can’t face returning to work after a nice break. So decide to start looking for something different.

That’s why January is always the biggest job hunting month, because it’s straight after Christmas. And September is the second biggest as it follows the summer holidays.

Do you know the main reasons why staff become dissatisfied, emotionally disengage and decide to move on?

Number one reason is YOU. Sorry, but it’s true. People don’t leave a business; they leave a boss.

Nothing we can do to help with that. But we can help with the number two reason.

Which is the little things. The small frustrations that annoy your staff on a daily basis.

Such as slow technology.

Downtime, slow computers, and constant printer issues all have a surprisingly long-term impact on staff satisfaction levels. And will add to the emotional reason lots of people leave one job for another.

If your computer systems are letting your staff down, it’s time to do something about it.


We can come and talk to you (without any obligation) about your existing set-up and show you a number of different options to make it better.

If that sounds like a good idea you can contact us here

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