Why Working with a Smaller IT Provider/Support Company is Better for Business

Remember the last time you had to call a large company for a support query? They probably assigned you a ticket, promised a resolution, and left you to wait, leaving you feeling about as human as the ticket number itself.

It may even have been your IT support provider.

The larger a company gets, the slower it moves; that’s an avoidable element of growth for some businesses. But it isn’t much fun when you’re on the end of the phone waiting for them to “look into it with a manager”.

When it comes to IT support, the leaner, smaller providers are often the best for this very reason. Let’s consider why.

You’ll build a much better relationship with them

It’s hard to build a meaningful relationship with an IT support provider when you always end up speaking to different people.

What’s more, the larger the company, the higher the chance of employee churn, which means any meaningful relationships you do create can be wiped out without notice.

Smaller companies can add that all-important personal touch to their service – much like a boutique hotel can, versus the chain competition. It’s almost impossible for the big boys of the industry to compete with this.

Engaging in ‘small talk’ with the person who’s helping you isn’t just a way to avoid any uncomfortable silences on the phone – it gently builds trust and the level of comfort you’ll have with your IT support provider.

You won’t be left waiting

There really is nothing more frustrating than watching the clock count down while you wait for an answer to your IT issue.

Google has even developed a tool for its smartphones which does the waiting for you. But how did we get to the stage when that was even required?

One of the main reasons so many businesses opt for IT support contracts with smaller companies is because they know they’ll get the attention they so badly need. They know that their contract will mean something to the service provider and that they’ll do all they can to ensure support calls are dealt with swiftly and effectively.

This is one of the main reasons smaller IT support firms set themselves apart from large providers; they offer customer service the latter simply cannot compete with.

You’ll benefit from their culture

Smaller firms generally have the ability to build far more vibrant, exciting employee cultures than larger firms.

The less complex the company organisation chart, the more likely it is that the employees approach their work optimistically and with a solid understanding of why they get out of bed each morning.

This is contagious. You’ll experience that culture while dealing with the company in question; your point of contact will genuinely enjoy their job, and that’ll be reflected in their skills and the level of attention they give you.

There’ll be no red tape

The larger an organisation, the more bureaucratic the structure – no matter how much they may try and convince you otherwise.

This usually results in not only those long wait times as your query makes its way thought a complicated web of roles and responsibilities, but endless red tape, too.

Procedures and processes are usually cumbersome in big IT support firms, and that nearly always results in a poor customer experience. A less top-heavy provider, by comparison, will have fewer hurdles to clear (if any) to find a solution for you.

They’ll probably be more flexible, too. It’s no different to the stopping distance for a vehicle; an eighteen-wheel truck is going to have a far harder time adjusting its speed or turning than a four-wheeled sports car.

If your business pivots or suddenly discovers new IT requirements, your support partner needs to be able to immediately change course and ensure you’re fully supported during the transition.

They innovate quicker

That’s right – smaller IT service providers are far quicker when it comes to innovation.

This is linked to all the aspects previously noted. Speed, flexibility, zero red tape, and a happy team all contribute to fast innovation. IT changes by the day, and you need a support partner which is able to introduce new solutions without boundaries – fast.

You get the picture. Large IT support firms really are too cumbersome to be reliable – particularly in the fast-paced, unpredictable world we now live in.

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