Why One-off Ad-hoc IT Work Isn’t For Us

The question “why don’t you guys perform one-off ad-hoc work?” is one that we are asked very often.

There is one simple reason: we’re able to help our clients more efficiently and diligently when we have stable, long-term relationships with them. It gives us the opportunity to have a complete understanding of the client’s needs and any changes.

The benefits of long-term client relationships

When we work with a client, we like to learn everything about you and your business. Developing long-term client relationships brings on a ton of benefits.

We can:

  • Work collaboratively with you on a closer level.
  • Discover what your most important concerns are and play an active role in guiding you towards achieving your objectives.
  • Develop an infrastructure that can scale along with the expansion of your organisation.
  • Strengthen the measures taken to protect you and your clients.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s not feasible to do this when working with someone on a temporary basis. A long-term collaboration means that we will be just as invested as you will be. Success for you is success for us.

Why don’t you like Ad-hoc clients?

Ad hoc clients are usually requests from random businesses. These are unplanned, last-minute demands from a company we don’t know that nearly always have a tight deadline because of an unanticipated problem or obstacle (such a communication breakdown).

Ad hoc demands, therefore, interrupt our work pattern, require us to detour from our regular routine, and inconvenience colleagues and our long-term clients. Without a strong relationship, we can’t easily navigate the issue and it takes up far more time than it would if we worked together from the start.

It comes down to each of us to choose how we want to operate in the end. If doing one-off work ends up costing us more in the long term, we’re not required to undertake it. Long-term customer relationships allow us to increase the standard of the work we provide and the successes we share with our clients.


If you’d like to discuss starting a business relationship, then get in touch with the Compex IT team and we’ll welcome you with open arms.