So, why choose Compex IT?

In the modern business world – whether we like it or not – IT is the foundation of pretty much everything we do, so it’s absolutely essential that your technology is working for you, not against you. To ensure that this is the case, Compex make sure your IT is simple, efficient and effective.

You also need to be certain that when things do go wrong – as they invariably will – that your support team can get you back on track as quickly as is humanly possible. At Compex, we pride ourselves on our superfast solutions, leaving you all the time you need to grow your business and get ahead of your competitors.

Born of innovation…

Compex IT started out as the IT department of a cutting-edge engineering company that needed the very latest in technology and support services in order to keep ahead of the game. Ultimately, we realised that this focus on innovation and super-efficient support would also benefit other companies.

Getting to know you...

We know the most important thing for you is having IT systems that are efficient, effective and fixed in super-fast time when things go wrong. Consequently, that’s the most important thing for us too. But a close second is building a close and lasting relationship with you and your business.

At Compex IT, keeping it personal is paramount and all our staff are focused on the individual needs and requirements of every single customer.

We believe that providing a bespoke support service keeps us flexible and adaptable and ensures that we only offer solutions that have genuine, specific and long-lasting value. We get to know you and your business, working out precisely what you need to change and where you need to grow, then we do everything in our power to help you achieve it.

Six More Benefits Of Working With Us...

We offer one simple plan with no hidden costs, guaranteeing unlimited technology support and cyber security, no matter what.

Its not just about fixing your issues, its also about helping you use technology to help grow your business. We provide regular technology reviews to help you get the most out of your IT.

We offer an absolute minimum of disruptions and system downtime, fixing issues either before they become a problem or outside of business hours

We start early – we know you don`t want technology issues to eat into your working day, so we`re here to help from 8am.

We offer a 3-month trial for total piece of mind. Put us to the test and we`re confident that after three months, you’ll want us to be your sole technology partner.

We offer what we believe are some of the fastest support times in the business, with over 92% of our requests closed and resolved within 28 minutes (Our average solution time is less than 8 minutes)

Grow with technology

It`s not just about fixing your technology, it`s also about helping you use it to help grow your business.

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