What we doSimple and super-fast Technology and Security support that doesn't cost the earth....

Compex IT provide small businesses with a fully managed IT department for a fixed sum. This includes unlimited support, consulting and security – basically everything you need to guarantee peace of mind, knowing that no matter what happens, you and your business are 100% covered.

At Compex, we understand that as your business grows, so will your reliance on its IT systems. For this reason, we constantly monitor your tech set-up to make sure you’re fully equipped and ready to meet any new demands, whilst simultaneously identifying vulnerabilities and areas for improvement.

We regularly visit your offices to make sure you`re getting the most out of your technology and how any new technology could improve business efficiencies. We make sure your support experience is as fast and efficient as possible. Any issues that arise will be dealt with by a small team of key support staff who will get to know you and your business intimately. With Compex IT on your side, you can say goodbye to uncaring, faceless call centres and service without a smile.

At Compex IT, we love what we do, and it shows.


Superfast and simple IT SupportOne simple plan with no hidden costs

Our all-inclusive, fixed-price service gives your business unlimited support, both remotely and onsite.

We monitor your IT systems using cutting-edge software, preventing threats to your security and ensuring complete system reliability and maximum uptime.

Fixed/predictable costs

We offer a single-fee cost, per user, per month, with no hidden charges. So, for a fixed monthly fee, you get complete peace of mind with 24-hour coverage, minimal system and user downtime, and minimal disruption

Multi-device support

Gone are the days when users just use their PC or laptop in the office, they utilise their mobile devices, that’s why we support these too.

Regular technology reviews

We regularly visit your offices to make sure you are getting the most out of your technology and how any new technology could improve business efficiencies.


Take advantage of the CloudGiving your business greater flexibility, efficiency and scalability with the cloud…

Access all your familiar Microsoft Office applications from anywhere and on any device increasing user productivity and collaboration

Office 365 and the Cloud

Office 365 – as the name suggests – gives you the opportunity to be as productive and as comfortable as you are in the office, no matter where you actually are. (It doesn’t mean you have to be in the office 365 days a year – it just means you can be, even if you`re not!)

Via cutting-edge cloud technology, Office 365 affords you the possibility, whenever you need to work remotely, to access all your familiar Microsoft Office applications and business tools – as well as any new ones you might require – on any device. It means you’re always up-to-date and you can create, edit, share from anywhere. It also means you can always collaborate with colleagues and business partners, sharing documents and information with ease, working together effectively, no matter where you are.

We make your move to the cloud completely painless and continue to support your setup as part of our IT support plan . Also, as all it’s really doing is allowing you to work in a familiar way but in unfamiliar places, there’s nothing new to learn.


Keeping your business secureIt’s never been more important to stay safe

Information is your businesses most valuable asset, therefore you need to ensure your technology is fully protected from data theft or loss no matter what

In the past year alone, cyber security issues have increased by a staggering 66%, resulting in an immeasurable and irrecoverable cost to businesses in terms of lost time, output and money. Although it can take decades to develop a successful business, it can take seconds to bring it all tumbling down.

Keep your data safe and your business secure..

With the developers of ransomware, spear-phishing campaigns and technical support scams becoming ever more sophisticated, keeping your data safe and your systems online has never been more important, and staying one step ahead of the bad guys is crucial to the smooth-running and continued success of your business

Standard antivirus software is no longer enough to guarantee safety

Therefore, included in our support plan is a layered cyber security service that includes:

  • Anti Virus, spam and malware protection
  • Internet filtering and protection
  • Security updates across all of your devices
  • Continual employee education


Business continuity and recoveryEnsuring what matters to you is protected…

Your IT systems are crucial to the day to day running of your business, so you need to make sure you`re 100% protected, 100% of the time

All it takes is one unpredictable disaster – whether it’s a cyber-attack or a flash flood – and unless you’re prepared for it, everything you’ve been working on for years could be lost forever. This is why protecting your business against the unpredictable is of paramount importance.

The Compex IT business continuity and recovery guarantee comes with the following benefits:

  • A bespoke backup plan for your business
  • Regular testing of backups for 100% reliability
  • Complete peace of mind in the event of any disaster
  • Minimal downtime

Complete piece of mind

A reliable service that protects all your data and guards against costly downtime and synchronises all of your data to an offsite location is crucial in today’s business world. The peace of mind alone – knowing that you’re covered no matter what – has got to be worth the cost-effective monthly cost.

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