What does ‘the cloud’ actually mean and why should you care?

Scalable, flexible and hugely cost effective, The Cloud can benefit your business in lots of ways. Watch our video for more information about what it’s all about.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years you’ll have heard about Cloud Computing and the benefits it can bring to your business. But for many, the fear of moving to virtual computing and storing all that data on the internet instead of just in physical files still feels like a big step.

The truth is, you’ve probably already used Cloud computing at least once today without even realising it. Every time you log onto social media, send an email or check your bank account online you’re in the Cloud, and it’s not as fluffy and nebulous as people think.  You still have access to the same information you did before, it’s just more readily available.

The Cloud offers huge opportunities for businesses to grow and adapt. More often than not, it’s the financial benefits that prompt business leaders to take the leap, and it’s easy to see why.

Here are just some of the financial benefits of moving to Cloud Computing:

  • Greater cost agility- it’s much easier to keep your costs down when you can pick and choose the individual services you need
  • Reduced capital expenditure- By using cloud/on-demand services, you no longer have to invest upfront in a big IT infrastructure or regular upgrades
  • Reduced opportunity costs- Cloud computing frees up cash you can invest in other areas of your business

Moving To The Cloud Isn’t Just About Saving Money

It’s not just about money though. Cloud technologies offer a wealth of business benefits that can enable companies of all sizes to operate more efficiently and grow with their customer base. You can rapidly deploy new services and be up and running within a matter of minutes, as opposed to the weeks or months it used to take to adopt a new way of working. Being able to deliver fast results might just be what it takes to give your business a competitive edge, and being able to offer a more predictive time-to-market is always a good thing.

Working in the Cloud makes it much easier to introduce innovative new business models which in turn bring high value opportunities and create new revenue streams. There are lots of companies these days who are building entirely new business models using entirely Cloud based services, and customers are often attracted to businesses with a modern approach.

Cloud computing also means a significant amount less downtime, if any. Because everything is stored virtually and managed by an external provider, all updates and software patches are applied automatically and your system will be constantly monitored for security breaches. When you consider the cost of downtime  that in itself is enough for most businesses to make the switch.

To find out more about moving to the Cloud, take a look at our guide here:

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