Well informed staff help keep hackers at bay

According to the head of cyber and economic crime at the City of London Police, hacking is the biggest threat of today. Computer hacking is the biggest threat of our time.

The reason cyber crime is so popular with criminals is that the anonymity of the internet makes it easy to go unnoticed and commit crimes without the danger of anyone recognising your face.

But they can only succeed in their attempts to wreak organisational chaos and steal valuable data (not to mention money) if they’re allowed in. The vast majority of data breaches happen because staff make little mistakes that lead to big consequences – like replying to fake emails or clicking on dodgy links.

A strong defence against cyber crime starts with educating your staff, yet only 27% of companies arrange adequate training in this area. Don’t be one of the other 73% – speak to us today about getting your staff genned up on cyber crime.

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