Compex IT are now Cyber Essentials certified

We are very pleased to announce that we have achieved the Cyber Essentials certification. For those that aren`t aware of this accreditation, Cyber Essentials is a Government scheme that also has been developed by industry and outlines the basic controls all companies and organisations need in order to protect themselves against common cyber attacks.


Why we believe your business should also get certified

Fundamentally, we fully support any scheme that promotes cyber security best practices and the Cyber Essentials certification is an excellent way for any business, however big or small to achieve a basic standard of cyber security.

  • According to a recent Government document, around 80% of cyber attacks could be prevented if businesses put simple security controls in place.
  • Your business will show commitment to security – Cyber Essentials demonstrates that your business is serious about protecting customers from data loss
  • Safeguard your sensitive data – helps shield confidential information from falling into the hands of cyber criminals.
  • Free cyber liability insurance cover – businesses that Cyber Essentials certified benefit from free cyber liability insurance worth up to £25,000.

Getting certified

The requirements of Cyber Essentials can be found here in the form of a pdf. We highly recommend having a detailed look through it and to implement these requirements.

If you would like some help with this we are also authorised by the Accreditation body to assist your business in obtaining the Cyber Essentials certification, more information about this can be found here.


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