Efficient, flexible and cost-effective

We understand small businesses need to be cost-conscious, meanwhile enjoy the benefits of IT & Communication systems that are flexible, reliable and rich with features.

This is why we deliver modern telephony through VoIP Phone Systems – from planning to installation to ongoing support, we’ve got it covered.

Our Phone System can be tailored to you – putting users needs first.

What benefits can VoIP bring to me?

Reduce Costs

Reduce not only your call costs, but your line costs. By utilising VoIP, your call traffic will route via your broadband connection. No longer any need for analogue or costly ISDN lines.


Don’t be tied to your office. With a VoIP Phone System you can literally carry your desk line with you – via a mobile phone app, a PC softphone and by even taking your desk handset home!

Modern Handsets

Enjoy the benefits of feature-rich handsets that offer far greater ‘self-service’ functions, enabling users to manage their own availability, call diverting and voicemail.


Don’t be tied down – if you are moving office, have home-based users or operate your business from multiple locations – your phone system is everywhere.


VoIP Phones are essentially pieces of computer equipment – they operate from the same Cat 5 or Cat 6 network cabling as your PCs. No need for custom or abnormal wiring.


Our systems are easy to administer – taking the stress out of any change that you may need to make on the fly to your call routing, out of hours or setting up new users.

Bye-Bye Contracts

Kiss goodbye to lengthy, in-flexible tie in contracts. Take back ownership and control of your systems with flexible terms, no longer get dictated to by traditional TelCo operators.


Your VoIP Phone System simply grows with you. No longer will you have to budget for large capital expenses of new lines, phone numbers and system upgrades.


With a base built around software, not hardware, you’ll benefit from a Phone System that isn’t tied to an ageing piece of hardware in the corner – decreasing risk & increasing up-time.

Our clients love what we do...