The top 5 ways to prevent your financial management firm from becoming a victim of ransomware

According to the FCA, the use of ransomware accelerated and became more malevolent in 2020. It’s becoming increasingly more popular amongst cybercriminals. And is used to extort money from firms by taking something they hold dear: their data.

Ransomware creation is a lucrative business and is accessible to all. When business owners think about “hackers” they picture someone with a high degree of technical skill sitting in a dark room, at some faraway place but the “stereotypical hacker” is changing. Ransomware can be easily bought and someone with very little skill can cause havoc for a business.

It’s vital for financial management firms along with the wider financial services sector, to protect their clients data. Imagine switching on your work computer one morning. And instead of the screen you normally see, the screen has gone totally red. There’s a message telling you your business’s data has been locked. And the only way to get it back is to pay thousands in Bitcoin.

If your business has ever been attacked with malware, you’ll already know what a nightmare it can be – lost data, lost productivity, and huge expense putting it all right. It’s a business disaster.

If you were attacked, would you know what to do? Would you consider paying the ransom?

This scenario is more likely to happen to your business than you think. In fact, ransomware is the fastest growing crime on the internet.

How do you protect yourself?

We’ve put together a brand new comprehensive guide detailing ransomware and the 5 top steps you can take to keep your business as safe as possible.

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