Here’s the big secret to keeping your business data secure

You may think you’re already doing plenty to avoid cyber attacks – you’ve invested in the latest security software protection across your entire network, and your team knows how to spot a dodgy email from a mile off. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Cyber attacks are still happening in their thousands every single day, and although not all of them are successful, those that are cost billions to put right. Hackers are constantly coming up with new threats and sneaky ways to catch people out, so it’s always a good idea to add an extra layer of protection.

Small and medium sized companies are prime targets for cyber criminals, because they often assume that their data will be less interesting than bigger organisations. Sadly that’s completely untrue, and in 2019 alone ten percent of smaller UK companies had to shut down after cyber attacks.

So, what’s the best way to stop your business becoming just another statistic? The answer is simpler (and cheaper!) than you may think. It begins and ends with user training.

It’s often said that companies are only as strong as their weakest link, and that’s particularly true when it comes to cyber security. Even the savviest professional can get caught off guard by wiley hackers, particularly when they’re under stress and multitasking. Let’s face it, we’re all under a fair bit of stress right now – which the hackers are only too happy to capitalize on.

According to a recent report from McAfee, there have been at least 375 new cyber threats per minute since the Covid pandemic has forced people to work from home. We’re living in a world full of anxiety and uncertainty, and cyber criminals know it. That’s why they’re spending lots of time creating phishing emails around subjects like remote working, testing, treatments and staying healthy. These are far more sophisticated than the badly spelled messages from far away princes claiming to have found your lost fortune – they’re made to look like they come from trusted bodies, like local authorities and healthcare providers. With so many people worried about protecting their elderly relatives or wondering whether their own sore throats are down to hay fever or something more sinister, it’s the perfect time for hackers to do their worst.

2020 is an unprecedented year that’s completely changed our lives in a way that would never have seemed possible twelve months ago. Viruses – both the biological kind and those that kill our business systems – are a huge threat. We can’t do anything about Covid 19, but we can help you with the other kind.

By investing in cyber security training for your staff, you can rest assured that whatever’s going on in the world around us you won’t have to add hackers to your list of problems. We’ll show you and your team how to look out for the newest threats, as well as some refreshers on the old ones. And of course, everything can be done remotely.

Our new guide is the first step to achieving a safer working environment, wherever your people may be. You can download it below, and then when you’re ready to take the next step, give us a call.

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Regular security training for you and your team can reduce your risk of a cyber-attack by 72%

Don’t dismiss such a simple thing. It’s actually one of the most powerful preventative tools at your disposal. Regular training can arm you and your people with the tools you need to recognise a scam email or a fake website. And keep your business more protected from an attack.

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