Summer’s here. Hang on to your mobile

According to figures from Transport for London, two laptops are left on the underground every single day.

And more than 180,000 mobile devices are reported lost or stolen every year.

At this time of year, when we’re all a bit more relaxed and the post-work beers are flowing, we’re even more likely to make silly mistakes like leaving mobiles on trains.

The new GDPR data protection laws mean that what once would have been an inconvenience and a bit of embarrassment, is now much more serious.

Would your business recover if your data ended up in the wrong hands? What about having to tell clients you had lost their data? That sounds like a lot of pain.

Don’t wait to find out.

Contact us today and let us run our 57 minute data security challenge on your business. We can help to minimise the dangers of a lost mobile phone or laptop.

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