Store stuff in the cloud? Or in your office?

Remember the days when it was quite difficult to do work away from the office?

You had to think ahead and email documents to your laptop. Or make sure you took your BlackBerry with you to access emails (oh, that brings back (mostly bad) memories).

But at least back then, you didn’t have to worry about your business’s data floating about in cyber space for cyber criminals to steal.

I’m talking about the cloud.

With different hacking scandals all over the news, it’s understandable to be a bit anxious about moving your data to the cloud.

You might have already taken the plunge and now the headlines are making you wonder if it’s still the right thing.

Or maybe your data is still on your own server and you’re missing out on full flexibility.

Whatever your situation, you don’t have to worry. Cloud computing is perfectly safe and secure when it’s managed properly. You can also set up a system that gives you the flexibility of the cloud, with the comfort of your own server.

Everything is possible. You just need someone to ask the right questions to figure out which setup is right your business.

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