The smartest (and cheapest) staff retention tool

Do you know how much it costs to replace a member of your staff who has left?

It’s an estimated £10,000.

WOW! In recruitment costs, the costs of cover, and management time.

That spend is particularly annoying when you lose someone you would rather have kept…

We’ve been working in IT for some time now. And in our experience, one of the biggest demotivators in a workplace is slow computers. A tired and ageing IT system.

You might see eking another year out of your existing system it as a cost saving. But your team just get frustrated.

There’s a big difference between an up-to-date system that operates at the speed of the human. And a computer that’s constantly breaking the flow of work…


We can help you streamline your systems, speed up your team, boost productivity and improve staff retention.

Honestly. It can make a huge difference. And in the grand scheme of things, this investment will be soon be returned to you.

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