Signs your computer is infected with malware

One of the questions we often get asked by our clients is  “how do you know a computer is infected with malware?” so, with that, we`ve decided to write a bit of information on how to tell if your computer could be infected with Malware.

If your computer takes forever to load and it runs really slow then there is every possibility that you could be infected with Malware. Sometimes you know it is there other times it lurks in the shadows, either way it is important to know what to look for.

Telltale signs


This is one of those types of malware infections that is not shy about letting you know it is there. It will simply ask you for a ransom in order to get your data back.

Your browser doesn’t do what you want it to

After clicking on a link you notice that it doesn’t take you to the page you wanted to go to so you try another page. The same thing happens time and time again. This is a sign that you have malware.

Your homepage changes

You may have your homepage set at a specific site but now something else appears instead. If you are unable to change this then the chances are you have been infected.

Too many pop-ups

You may have thought that pop-ups were thing of the past but if one pops up and you try to close it, only for another to open then you need to consider tackling your malware infection.

The not-so-clear signs

A slow computer

There are many things that can make your computer run slow such as too many programs running, a lack of space or even memory. If you know that this is not the case then you could be infected with malware.

New desktop icons

If you notice that new icons have appeared on your desktop and you definitely did not put them there then you could have a Potentially Unwanted Program which is considered as a form of malware.

Computer crashes

If your machine has always been stable but begins crashing then malware could be the issue. While there are things such as program incompatibility that can cause a computer to crash there is malware that can attach itself to the murky depths of the Windows Kernel which will cause you problems.

Your browser freezes or does not respond

You could just have a slow internet connection but if you know that this is right and working correctly, if your browser works at a snail’s pace then it could be an infection.

Email that bounces back

If you find that a lot of your emails are coming straight back to you then you could have a malware issue. While you could have had your email account hacked, there is malware out there that will search for email addresses on your computer. It will then attempt to send emails from that address and if the address is not found then the email will naturally bounce back.

Mobile devices

Short battery life

Malware can even affect your phone and it can cause your battery to drain very quickly. While you may be a heavy social media user or play a lot of games that can result in a drained battery there is every possibility that malware is the culprit.

High bill

Your phone bill could be an indication that you are infected with Malware. You may notice messages that you did not send and your data allowance could be used up which means you are charged for any extra data, usually mobile malware is at fault.

Hidden infections

Your computer could be running like a dream which is great but it could still be infected. Malware such as botnets can steal your data and this makes it very difficult to detect without running a scan.

As there are so many different types of Malware that work in different ways, the safest way to look after your computer, your data and your money is to ensure that you run regular scans using the right security programs.

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