Are you ready for 2020?

Microsoft have announced that on the 14th January 2020, the following Microsoft software products will no longer receive support or patches: Windows 7, Office 2010, Server 2008 and Small Business Server 2011.

Much like the end-of-life of Windows XP several years ago, this will likely impact a large number of businesses and organisations that rely heavily on these trusted platforms.

If you’ve got an old Windows Server running or you’re business computers and laptops are still using Windows 7 or using an older version of Outlook yours is almost certainly one of the thousands of organisations that’s going to need to upgrade before 2020 comes along.

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Am I going to be affected?

To help businesses prepare for this big impact change, we have prepared a brief guide below to best identify whether your systems are likely to be part of this end-of-life programme.

The following Microsoft products are included within this change Windows 7, Office 2010, Small Business Server 2011 and Server 2008. Our guide below will aid in detecting whether you rely on any of these platforms within your business.

Windows 7 Icon

Windows 7 Start Button

If you can see this round Windows button – this indicates your PC is running on Windows 7.

Outlook 2010 Icon

Outlook 2010 Icon

If your Outlook icon matches this, you will be using the Office 2010 suite on your PC.

Exchange 2010 Icon

Exchange 2010 WebMail Login

When accessing your WebMail service, does your login look like this? You’ll be accessing Exchange 2010.

SBS 2011 Icon

SBS 2011 Remote Web Access

Does your Remote Web Access login match the above? You will be working from Small Business Server 2011.

What does this mean to my business?

Upon the deadline of January 2020 your computers and servers won’t stop working, everything will continue to function just as it does now. However, there are key compliance and security vulnerabilities to bare in mind and prepare for.

Can no longer be fixed

It will become incredibly difficult, (and in some cases completely impossible), to repair and maintain unsupported systems. Being vulnerable to attack, there will be no patches available to provide defence. The line of business applications you use will also have their support phased out. You will be trapped on systems that could suffer from considerable downtime, with no fix available.

Security & GDPR Compliance

Protecting your business from Cyber Security threats and compliance to GDPR requires businesses to operate from supported computer systems. With support for these platforms coming to an end, you will become considerably more vulnerable to hackers and viruses. Therefore these products are deemed insecure as your sensitive information is immediately placed at risk.


Naturally, any IT change of this scale will mean that investment will be required on your part. The scale of such investment does largely depend on the volume of affected machines you have across all of these affected platforms. The sooner you have the details, the sooner you can start to budget for this change. With our advice, we’re helping businesses get prepared well ahead of the deadline.

How can we help?

If you think your business is still using software that Microsoft will no longer be supporting then let us help. We can quickly assess your situation and advise you on what steps needs to be taken.

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