Our “Love Us Or Leave Us” Guarantee

“Whoa!…that’s a bold move”

Something said to us often when talking to business owners and office managers when talking to them about switching IT provider.

But, we don’t see it that way.


Because we’re massively confident in the service we give to our clients. It’s about being a partner and not just another supplier.

So, what is this guarantee? We think it’s pretty unique.

How our guarantee matches our vision

Our vision is to be known as THE people-focused and trusted IT partner in the Midlands for SMEs. One of the ways we do this is through the guarantee. We take pride in our work, and we want to make sure you’re happy too. Your trust can be built knowing you’ll get all your money back and more if you’re not happy within 6 months of working with us.

How our guarantee matches our values

We put people first

We consider the users of IT, ahead of the IT itself. Our business doesn’t deal in technology; we deal with people. Our job is to give your people the tools and support they need. With this support, they can do their jobs properly, making your business efficient and your customers happy.

We develop trusted partnerships

We enter a partnership with our clients, and we’ll be as invested as you will be. We genuinely care about your business, and if you’re doing well then we are too.

We keep things simple

We have a passion for keeping things simple without compromising on performance and effectiveness. We ensure your people have the right tools, which are supported to work for them, and not the other way around without compromising on performance and effectiveness.

We’re innovative and forward-thinking

We take pride in our modern and forward-thinking; just look at the guarantee! We’re always looking for new opportunities and technologies to make our clients’ lives easier. We’re also cautious of using technology for technology’s sake.

We care

We make sure that tech isn’t the cause of frustration with genuine attentiveness to you and your company’s needs. There are all sorts of things that can go wrong when running a business, and we want to take tech headaches off that list for you.

We take the lead

We do whatever it takes with complete ownership of any issues and challenges that our clients have. We fully take charge of what problem is in front of us and will own it until we’ve completed the task. We take the lead, and we know you’ll be happy to choose us.

Our mission and our guarantee

Our mission is to build long-lasting partnerships with our clients by putting the people and the business first. We want to empower them to get the most from their technology with simple, efficient and secure solutions. We believe in our methods so much that the guarantee is a way to prove it to you too.

In short, our service must be amazing whether a client is new or they’ve been with us for 10 years. We don’t cut corners and we don’t drag things out. We work with your best interests in mind.


Providing a service we’re proud of

We take pride in the service we provide to our clients.

We believe that a productive workplace is a happy one and vice versa. That’s why you can always count on us to equip you and your team with the right tools for the job.

If your existing IT provider isn’t doing the same, get in touch and book your 15-minute call here.