One bad email. That’s all it takes to damage your business

Cyber Criminals are everywhere, and they really want to steal your data (even if you think they wouldn’t be interested). Check out our video below.

Cyber Crime is constantly in the news these days and is now the number one threat to businesses in the UK. Pretty much anyone with a bit of tech knowledge can become a cyber-criminal- all they need is the right software and access to a few businesses that are ripe for the picking.

You might be reading this thinking, “It’s fine, we’ve got anti-virus and anti-spam software so nobody can get to us” but you’d be wrong. New threats are popping up every day and those behind them are increasingly sneaky. Think back to the Wannacry virus that swept through the NHS in May 2017. Nobody would have thought such a high profile or well established organisation would have been so easy to hack, but it was, and the whole thing caused havoc which took months to recover from.

You might also be thinking, ”Nobody would be interested in stealing our data- they won’t bother hacking us”. Wrong again. Cyber criminals are very rarely interested in the actual data businesses collect, so even if you’re not holding the codes to multi-billion bank accounts never assume you’re safe.  The data itself means nothing to them. What matters is what it means to you.

These people rely on the fact that companies hold critical information that enables them to function, and that they’re usually willing to pay to get it back. Ransomware is quite literally that- holding you to ransom. Hackers infiltrate your system then send a message demanding you pay them to return it. If it sounds like something from a far-fetched 80s sci-fi you wouldn’t be far wrong, but sadly it’s a very real threat.  Cyber Crime cost UK businesses £29 Billion in 2016 alone. It happens, and there’s absolutely no reason why they wouldn’t want to target your business.

Your biggest threat is already in your organisation

You already know the person who could be responsible for bringing your business crashing to its knees, and it won’t be the cyber geek you’re expecting. A huge 43% of data breaches are caused by employees, and often it’s completely accidental. All it takes is one person to click on an infected email link to wreak havoc and cost you a lot of money, not to mention your reputation.

It’s important to remember that Cyber criminals can only be successful if someone clicks on the links they send in their emails. They also count on “fear of the boss” mentality and people’s desire to do what’s asked of them. They’ll use this to their full advantage by using software to create impostor emails that look like they’ve come from you, or another senior member of staff. The key message here is that training and awareness are absolutely essential, and you’ll need to develop some robust email policies so everyone is clear on the risks.

The bottom line is that cyber criminals will target you regardless of how big you are or what you do. All it takes is one well-meaning staff member to click on a bad link and your whole network could be at risk.

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