How to use Microsoft Teams to make working from home and the office easier

Lockdown is starting to subside and businesses have started slowly shifting into a new way of working. We call it the hybrid way.

This is where some members of the team are working from home and some are in the office. This could very possibly be the new way of working, moving forward.

One issue that this can create is effectively getting things done. Communication and collaboration can become disrupted, sometimes there is a surge in miscommunication and the team struggles to find ways to keep projects moving forward.

Microsoft Teams can help with these types of issues and allow team members to collaborate more easily and communicate more effectively.

We’ve recently been helping our clients use Teams more effectively…keeping their files all in one place to share, have text, audio and video chat alongside these, and be notified of changes and updates in real-time.

Teams truly is amazing and it’s the perfect tool for the way businesses need to work right now.

We love it so much we’ve written a step-by-step guide to show you what’s inside.

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