Our top 5 ways to make your staff happy in January

Few of us like January. It’s dark, wet and cold, and we’re all feeling the pinch a bit after Christmas.

Here are a few ways to give your staff an emotional boost in the next few weeks:

  • Encourage them to use their annual leave

Ok, they may have just had a Christmas break, but it’s amazing what a bit of winter sun can do for morale.

  • Allow flexible working

Getting to and from work in the dark can be a real downer, so if anyone is suffering from seasonal depression it’s a good idea to consider changing their working hours or allowing them to work from home some of the time.

  • Get them moving

Exercise is a great mood-booster, so think about some lunchtime aerobics sessions or encourage walks around the block.

  • Organise a team activity

People are more likely to fall out when it’s wet and dark outside, so organise some fun team events to get everyone motivated.

  • Spontaneously bring in some treats

It’s amazing what a Kit-Kat can do to raise morale, so say thank you for their hard work with some treats. If you’re encouraging a healthy workplace, a nicely presented fruit basket can also do the trick.

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