Feeling let down by your IT support company when you needed them the most?

We’ve spoken to loads of business over the last few weeks and heard some horror stories about their IT support. For most, the support has been lazy and, in some cases, non-existent – right when they needed it most.

Lockdown was pretty sudden, and it consequently caught everyone on the hop.

Immediately, we put our clients first. We made sure they were set up for safe, secure home working and ensured we were always on hand to fix their problems. We even phoned them regularly to check everything was OK. And we did whatever we could to help fix their issues.

The lockdown has demonstrated just how important IT support is.

Let us show you how important Great IT support is.

"During the COVID-19 outbreak Compex thought of solutions before I even thought of the challenge"

We’ve been so humbled to receive fantastic praise from our clients. Like these:

On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rank your current IT Support company? If it’s 7 or under we really should talk

Mark Dodds

Because you don’t owe your IT support company anything, and they’re not going to get any better in the months ahead. Brutal, but true.

As you will have seen above. Compex IT stepped up and delivered stellar support during lockdown, and we’d love to show you how important great IT support is.

It’s really easy for us to have a short discussion.You can see my live calendar below, and book a 15-minute video call at a time that suits us both.

I’ll give you as much strategic advice as you need. This is my thing! Helping businesses be more productive and profitable through the best use of Technology is fun for me. Let me help you, too.

It’s really important you know:

“Fortunately, we had our ‘4th emergency service’ on hand”

Book your 15-minute video call now and quickly find out what great IT support could do for your business

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