It’s Not Like It Used To Be 

It’s pretty clear that our world is getting more digital by the day, and as businesses embrace the new world of technology, there’s an increased need for good IT support. Whether its keeping things running smoothly or ensuring clear communication without any hiccups, businesses lean hard on IT services to keep the ball rolling. 

However, with increased need comes a glaring problem – the depersonalisation of support. At Compex IT, we’re regularly hearing from new clients who say IT support is just “not like it used to be”. Instead, they’re left frustrated with the lack of care, and feeling like they’re just another number in the system. 

So, what’s the root cause of this? And more importantly, how can your business avoid this?  

Why is it ‘not like it used to be’? 

You’re grappling with an IT issue that’s messing with your main operations, you reach out to your IT provider just to be greeted with crickets… alright maybe not crickets but an automated message which we’d argue is probably worse. It’s an issue many businesses will know well, in fact just thinking about it will probably make your stomach sink a little bit. 

Lots of businesses these days feel like they’re just another name on a long list of clients for big, impersonal IT companies. They miss the good old days when IT companies actually knew their name and understood their business. What once felt like a relationship now feels like a quick transaction with businesses left feeling like they’re not getting the attention they deserve. 

So, why is this happening? Well, many businesses often opt to use larger IT companies as they believe that the bigger, they are, the more resources they have. Whilst this can be true, it can also mean you’re much more likely to get lost within the numbers. If you didn’t do this and went with a smaller company but you’re suddenly having issues, your IT provider may have been part of a merger or acquisition.  

When small companies merge with bigger ones, they often lose that close connection they had with their clients. Instead of focusing on keeping their customers happy, these big companies care more about making money. So, what you’re left with after all these mergers are these huge, impersonal behemoths that care more about profits than pleasing their customers. 

Why choose personalised IT support? 

“How do I avoid the above?” we hear you cry! Well, the obvious solution is to go for a local IT company wherever possible 

Partner, not just a client  

Picking a local IT provider means you’re more than just a random number to us. We’re all about creating solid, long-term friendships with our clients. We’ll get to know you and understand what makes you tick – your challenges, your goals – and we’re here to help you succeed. We’re not just here to fix things; we’re here to have your back and help you figure out all the tech stuff, together. 

Attention to detail 

Big IT companies often have so many clients that they can’t give each one the attention they deserve. But with us, it’s different. We really care about you and your business. We’ll dig deep to understand everything about what you do, so we can give you exactly what you need. Whether it’s tweaking software or giving you one-on-one help, we’re here to make sure your tech stuff runs smoothly. We won’t recommend anything you don’t need just to line our own pockets, either. Our reputation is more important than that. 

Responsive support  

No more twiddling your thumbs waiting for fixes! We’re all about quick responses and stopping problems before they get big. Our team of dedicated technicians are always on standby to help out and get things sorted as quickly as possible, so you can keep on going without a hitch. 

Familiar faces that you can trust  

When you partner with us, you’ll get to know the faces behind the screens. Our friendly techies aren’t just good at what they do, they’re also lovely people… if we do say so ourselves! Building rapport and trust with our clients is at the core of what we do, ensuring that you always have someone familiar to turn to in times of need. 

Agility and adaptability  

When it comes to business, things can change fast, which is why we’re all about being quick on our feet and ready to tackle whatever comes our way. Whether it’s setting up the latest and greatest tech or making sure everything works together smoothly, we’ve got your back to keep your business running smoothly and ready for whatever’s next. 


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