Sourcing the right equipment for your business

We take the stress out of procuring any new IT system – hardware or software. We leverage our industry relationships & buying-power to deliver the best value for our clients.

We also understand our clients & requirements, ensuring only the most appropriate hardware & software is procured, configured and deployed for users.

Our procurement service is both a technically & commercially-sound way to purchase new IT equipment for your business.

Why procure your IT needs through Compex?

Reduce Costs

 Benefit from our channel relationships with some of the world’s premium IT vendors. Our partnerships allow us access to more competitive pricing than our retail competitors.


We’re well connected – often gaining access to hardware, software and services not typically available through standard supply channels. Let us hunt down the best choices for your business.

Perfect Fit

Get the right technology, first time. We know your business & we know technology – unlike retail-based suppliers that will sell you what’s best for them and not what’s best for you.


Our certifications, along with our partnerships, grant us access to discounted rates at tiers above our standard competition that can benefit your business.

Save Time

Save hours in shopping around online and speaking to potential suppliers over the phone to confirm requirements & pricing – let us do the leg work on your behalf.


Enjoy the benefits of discounted pricing through our volume buying power. Centralising the procurement for all of our clients provides clout in discounts from large vendors.

Our clients love what we do...