“It didn’t seem right, but I didn’t want to question you.”

Picture the scene. It’s your first day back from annual leave, and you’re going through all your emails and updates from the past couple of weeks. A quick scan of your business bank account shows a four figure payment to a supplier you haven’t heard of, so you check in with the finance manager to see what happened.

Her response is the last thing you needed to hear.

“Oh no… I got an email from you last week while you were away. The message said it was a new supplier and the payment was urgent. It didn’t seem right, but I didn’t want to question you.”

This is a common scam that’s happening to businesses in Birmingham every day. Hackers gain access to a manager’s email and monitor the way they communicate for a while. When the time’s right, they’ll send a fake email to a staff member who they think will fall for it.

There’s usually an element of urgency to it, and lots of staff end up making the payments rather than arguing with the boss … especially if they’re on holiday.

This situation is surprisingly common, but it’s easily avoidable. With a combination of the right technology and staff training you can stay ahead of the scammers, and enjoy your time away.

Helping businesses stay safe from cyber crime is what we do. Get in touch if you’d like a free, no-obligation, strategic assessment of your existing IT.

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