Is My Business Too Small To Use An IT Support Company?

Some businesses think they’re just ‘too small’ to need extra help from an IT support company.

But what does ‘too small’ mean these days, exactly? With businesses of all sizes operating in a far leaner fashion and implementing new remote working policies, ‘small’ really is subjective.

The nub of the matter here is the bigger picture – that’s far more important than the size of your business when it comes to IT support.


You’re never too small

Why on earth would you pay for assistance from an external IT support company if you’d probably only ever need them to occasionally help you with the purchase and setup of a new laptop?

That kind of mindset isn’t long-term thinking; it’s assuming that the IT support company wouldn’t have any other role to play in the smooth and secure running of your business.

It’s why we never see any business as being ‘too small’ for our services. Budgets play a role, of course, but we have clients with as few as five employees and they rely on us, big time.

Why? We think there are four key reasons you’re never too small for an IT company.


  1. You don’t have to do it yourself

Ask yourself this question: how often do you find yourself dealing with IT and tech issues each week?

It might be more often than you realise. And, sure, it may only be a few minutes of your time for each instance, but add those minutes up over the course of a week, month, year, and the hit on your time is significant.

Dealing with IT issues in-house is a complete waste of your time. Worse still, you may not be dealing with them properly, which can lead to security issues and root causes never being properly identified.

By instead leaving this stuff to an experience IT company, you can invest that time back into running the business.


  1. You need reliability, simplicity and streamlined tech

Business IT is no good if it isn’t simple, streamlined, and reliable. If any one of those elements breaks down, your productivity and quality of output will be negatively impacted.

This was hard enough when everyone operated from the same office, but with workforces rapidly moving to either hybrid or work-from-home models, everything is suddenly disjointed.

Having an IT partner that can advise and consult on how to get the most from your tech, no matter how the team uses it (or where they’re located), will result in a very streamlined, reliable and simple infrastructure.


  1. Your security game isn’t up to scratch

This one is easy. It’s nigh-on impossible to keep up with cyber security threats and requirements.

It’s an industry in its own right and requires some serious knowledge and skill if you’re to protect your business from online threats.

One of – if not the – most important assets your business has is its data. Whether it’s the customer data you hold, or confidential information about the business, you don’t want it falling into the wrong hands.

No matter the size of your business, you need help with IT security. It’s one of the best investments you’ll make.


  1. You could be more productive

Are you sure you’re using the technology in your business effectively?

What if there are features, modules, or upgrades you’re missing out on which could make the entire operation more productive?

This is a common trap to fall into, and it’s why investing in the services of an IT support company will help you unearth hidden productivity and efficiency gains within the technology you already have.


Can we help?

Hopefully we’ve convinced you that there’s no such thing as being ‘too small’ when it comes to the need for external IT support.

If you think you need help with your tech, just get in touch with the Compex IT team, today.