How To Keep Your Financial Management Firm’s Data Ultra-Safe During the Work From Home Revolution

Love it or hate it, Working From Home is huge and here to stay.

The working from home model has been readily and necessarily embraced by the financial services community and proven to have some real benefits. More efficient client engagement and people are happier and more motivated with a better work/life balance.

However, this new way of working creates a new data security headache. You need to consider what would happen if a hacker was able to get into one of your team’s home network.

Even before we’d heard the word “Coronavirus”, many of us were working from home now and then. Checking emails at the weekend. Finishing up a project in the evening. Now Working From Home has to be taken more
seriously. The FCA has recently weighed in on the issue to remind everyone that remote working mustn’t affect the ability of firms to meet their regulatory requirements.

We’ve written a new guide to look at all the issues.

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