How Office 365 can help streamline your small business

We know all too well that as a small business owner you are always on the go, you could be at a client’s office one day and then producing proposals at home the next. Work never seems to stop when you run your own business, this means that you need the right tools in place so that you can carry out business critical tasks when you need to, regardless of where you are.

This is where Office 365 can really make a difference because it offers a number of tools such as email and video conferencing no matter where you are working that day. Therefore, the following tips can help you to maximise the potential of Office 365 in your small business.

Document collaboration

Office 365 offers smarter working and the ability to work collaboratively will allow many people to work on the same document at the same time with Office Web Apps, no need to email a document around the team. Changes are instantly visible and it is possible to see who made that change. This can bring teams and businesses together to create Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents and a whole lot more to help collaborate effectively with your team.

Quick and easy sharing

You will no longer have to worry about that file that is too large to send by email or a bit of a pain to copy to a USB drive and distribute it with everyone because it`s possible to share documents quickly and easily. This is just a case of linking your Online Office Apps to outlook and then sharing the link to the file via email through the Outlook App. The file can then be downloaded by the recipient.

Add important documents to your website

Office 365 also allows you to store files using OneDrive, they can then be embedded into your website. It is a simple case of copying and pasting the code into your website, allowing visitors to view and download those all important documents.

Electronic signatures

It is possible to use an electronic signature, which is available via the electronic signature app from Docusign and this can be used with Outlook. This means that there is no need to print and handwrite signatures because they can be added straight into documents.

Email anywhere

Syncing emails to your phone will mean that you can receive them without having to look at your laptop. This is accessible via your phone settings where you can choose to add an exchange email account. Input the correct settings and away you go!

Stay organised with a team site

It`s a great idea to have a hub where members of your team can easily access documents they need to work on. Office 365 team sites enable staff to access documents from a central location. Here it is possible to create different team sites based on the needs of each team.

Keep in touch wherever you are

If you are someone who is always on the move and find yourself on the other side of the world then Skype for Business will be of interest. As long as you`ve got an internet connection you can use your phone or your laptop with a camera is set up you will be able to hold a video meeting with your business partner in the office. Even if the recipient doesn’t have Skype, you can send them a link that will allow them to join the video call via their browser.

Less paperwork

We love OneNote here at Compex IT and we encourage our clients to us it as its great to digitise and store your information, it allows you to take photos of paperwork and then upload it to your account for example. This means that there is no need to carry around heaps of paper plus you can access it wherever you are with the OneNote App.

Complete understanding 

If you want to ensure that you get messages across to your whole team at the same time then this is possible through the use of email groups. Just use the Outlook Web App to create a new group where you can add individuals as members. Once the group is set up and given a name, all you need to do is type the name of the group into the ‘To’ section of an email and it will be sent to all members.

If you`re looking for more advice on how Office 365 could help improve how your small business operates then please get in touch with us on 0121 296 2500.

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