How Microsoft Teams Can Help Your Business Deal With The Coronavirus Crisis

We’re living in crazy times. As the world rushes to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, companies everwhere are taking drastic measures to keep their employees and customers safe, and prevent the spread of the disease. Having huge amounts of staff working from home is unchartered territory for many businesses, thousands of which are nowhere near technologically prepared for such a huge change.

Microsoft Teams is proving to be an invaluable resource for companies needing to work remotely, and it offers countless benefits which can still be enjoyed long after all this has blown over.

One of the great things about Microsoft Teams is that it can be deployed really quickly, meaning your business can stay operational and efficient even during this global crisis. The communication and collaboration tool was specifically designed for remote working, and it comes with a range of features such as:

  • Voice and video conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • On the go document collaboration with enterprise class security

The many benefits of Teams include:

  • Video calling for continued face to face interaction We know that people are already feeling the strain of self-isolation, and this is likely to continue for many more months yet. The high quality video calling that comes with Microsoft Teams is a great way for people to stay in touch with the outside world and maintain communication with their colleagues.
  • Instant messaging and chat for constant engagement and cost effective collaboration. If you’ve got to call someone every time you’ve got a question, it’s quickly going to become expensive and unmanageable. The instant messaging option on Teams allows for fast communication and problem solving, so you won’t have to worry about phone bills mounting up.
  • Secure co-authoring on documents takes the worry out of file sharing. Because the platform is completely secure, you can collaborate on files and push on with projects without having to stress about your business critical data ending up in the wrong hands.
  • Everything in one easy place – even if you’re not in the same physical environment, you can still easily access documents because everything is stored in one easily accessible remote location. In many ways this actually works out to be more convenient and efficient than the old way of doing things, because there’s no more hunting around desks and filing cabinets to find important documents.
  • Easy meeting management – it’s no secret that trying to organise meetings across multiple locations and teams has always been a bit of a nightmare. Microsoft Teams has a built-in function that easily tracks the status and location of all staff and partners, checking calendars and sending automatic meeting invitations to video conferences.
  • Time savings– Microsoft has been touting the benefits of remote working for years, not least because of the amount of time it saves. When the average office work arrives for work in the morning it’s usually at least ten minutes before they settle down, after making a coffee and have a catch up with colleagues. With Teams, you can get straight to work as soon as you log on, significantly boosting productivity. And then there’s the lack of travel time and cost. Even when Coronavirus is a distant memory, there’s a good chance that millions of people will continue to work from home on a regular basis and enjoy spending more time with loved ones and less time in traffic jams or on crowded tube trains.

Microsoft Teams is absolutely jam packed with productivity boosting, time saving tools that streamline workflows and keep teams communicating more efficiently than ever before.

In times of trouble, it’s always best to try to find the positives. And while Coronavirus is proving to be the most challenging event since WWII, we must remember we will get through this. If we follow advice from the Government and the World Health Organisation, there’s definitely light at the end of the tunnel.

Even if it takes six, nine or twelve months, the COVID-19 outbreak will stop eventually. In the meantime, Microsoft Teams is here to make things easier and help you make significant cost and efficiency savings that you will still be taking advantage of years from now.

On a side note : Microsoft is now offering a free six month trial of Office 365 E1 in response to the Coronavirus epidemic, and we’re here to implement it for you as quickly as possible. Click here for further info

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