How IT steals your staff’s time and productivity and how to get it back

Downtime cost the UK economy £7 billion in lost productivity, with the average business losing three days of work. Take a look at our video below to find out more.

Sometimes it seems we’re so busy that we never get five minutes to ourselves, so any opportunity for a rest feels like a blessing. Your workforce are probably no exception. You could have the hardest working team on the planet, but presented with the chance of a break they’ll gladly take it. IT problems are the perfect example for a rest.

When IT systems fail, it usually goes like this:

  • Panic
  • Complaining
  • Chatting, tea breaks and more chatting

Every second of downtime costs your business valuable time and money. Even scarier, the longer your system is down, the closer you are to losing your business altogether.

The trouble is, these days we’re so reliant on IT that we’re unable to complete critical business tasks without it. Entire organisations can come to a complete standstill with something as simple as a faulty printer, and if your entire network goes down you’re in even bigger trouble.

Some of the most common IT problems that cause downtime include:


Cyber Crime is now the biggest threat to UK businesses and the most commonly reported crime, and these internet baddies are lurking everywhere looking for a way into your system. Loss of data can be catastrophic and has a huge impact on time and resources.

Lost Files

Ever spent hours on a document only to lose it at the last minute? It happens a lot, especially when people are tired and over worked. Not everything that seems lost will be gone forever, but it will still take a lot of knowledge and a lot of time to get it back.

System Failure

The dreaded “blue screen of death” has struck terror into the heart of many a business person, and trying to get to the bottom of the problem without proper knowledge and experience nearly always ends in tears.

Printer Issues

Printers are the bane of many an office, whether it’s because they’ve run out of paper, there’s a jam or simply because too many people are printing documents at the same time.

Well-meaning staff aren’t always as helpful as they’d like to think, either. You may have heard the old phrase “A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing” and it’s particularly true when it comes to computers.

When systems fail, there’s often someone with a little bit of computer knowledge who steps in to save the day but ends up causing even bigger problems. Just like you wouldn’t entrust a GCSE biology student with open heart surgery, it’s never wise to hand over your IT system to someone who knows a little bit about computers.

Investing in Proper IT Support Saves Valuable Time and Money

When you outsource your IT to professionals your staff will be able to focus on the tasks you pay them to do, rather than fiddling about with computers.

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