Four letters you never want to see again

It got a bit crazy a few weeks ago, didn’t it?

The GDPR email deluge, I mean. Hundreds of businesses waking up to the new data protection regulations in the week before they came in.

The irony of the email deluge was not lost on us!

GDPR isn’t just a headache. In fact, for many of our clients it’s been a great opportunity to review their data security and triple check they are protected.

That their data can’t be easily stolen. Or locked by hackers. And there are safe backups of it, in case something bad happens.

Perhaps we can do a check for you on your data security. In fact right now, we’re running our 57 minute data security challenge.

Can we find a data security weakness in your business in 57 minutes or less? I bet we can. Click here for more info

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