IT Support for Financial Planning and Wealth Management Firms

Providing IT Support, Microsoft 365 and Cyber Security services to Financial Planning and Wealth Management Firms

We understand the unique nature of your industry. We’ve provided IT Support, Microsoft 365 and Cybersecurity services to the financial services sector for a number of years including financial planning and wealth management firms.

The nature of your business means that you’ll retain very sensitive client data. Therefore, the onus falls on you not to just protect your own critical data, but the financial and personal records of your customers, too.

It’s a big responsibility. Get it wrong, and the damage it could do to your reputation doesn’t bear thinking about.

Find out how we've helped Lucent Financial Planning with their IT challenges

Just how secure is your critical data?

Cyber crime is one of the biggest threats we face these days, but if you’re in the financial services sector, it’s safe to say the threat level rises somewhat.. Unfortunately, that’s to be expected; you deal with valuable data, and that’s exactly what cyber criminals want to get their hands on. The good news is that the FCA is well aware of this. It’s why they publish an annual ‘industry insights’ document to help you sure up your defences.. 

Top-down approach

Cyber risk should be on your board meeting agenda. Executives need to be educated via regular workshops and the best management information should be readily available


Use plain language when it comes to cybersecurity. Avoid the jargon! And, while you’re at it, recruit ‘champions’ (existing members of staff) who understand the inherent risks

Bigger picture

Who is likely to target your business? Do you understand how the controls you’re implementing mitigate risk? This is aided by some existing frameworks such as Cyber Essentials

A 5 Step Plan for Your Financial Planning and Wealth Management Firm

A guide for busy owners and managers. The onus falls on you to not just protect your on critical data but the financial and personal records of your clients too.

With our new guide you’ll discover a plan to help prevent cybercrime and minimise the risk to your business.

The more prepared you are in the way of security, protection, and information, the safer and more secure you keep your data

We know the benefits of planning can be enormous. And we’ve seen what happens when a business isn’t prepared. It’s not good and we don’t want to witness it again. That’s why we’re currently offering financial planning and wealth management firms an FCA-based cyber-crime prevention and recovery plan….there’s no cost for our advice.

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