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We understand the unique nature of your industry. We’ve worked with businesses in the construction supply chain for a number of years including building services engineers, civil engineers, architects, surveyors and commercial property developers.

We know how vital IT is to the daily running of your business with an increasing reliance on your technology. Software such as AutoCAD and Revit are getting better and better which puts more demand on your hardware. Your office is now everywhere, your team needs access to their designs and files wherever they are and your data needs to be more secure than ever before handling confidential client information.

Find out how we helped our architectural, engineering and construction clients with their IT

Is your IT giving you a headache?

Your team needs to stay focused on projects and we know how incredibly frustrating underperforming IT is to you and your team. This underperformance often results in lost income, productivity and, in the worst case scenario, potential business.

Access anywhere

Your engineers and managers need to be able to access designs and files wherever they are; whether that be in a meeting room with your collaborative partners or out on site without compromising on security.

Computer performance

Your need for high performance is more crucial than for most other industries. Large CAD and BIM files need increased network, workstation and server performance and storage capacity.

Securing data

With your projects often spanning months, and often years, any data loss can be catastrophic. Ensuring your team’s work and progress is protected and secure throughout the entirety of a project is essential.

Does this ever happen to your team?


How frustrating it is for your team, or yourself, when it takes an age to open a drawing? All they see is a little spinning circle, whirring around and around, waiting and waiting for their design to load… Then when it does load and they are finally able to work on the drawing there is still a very noticeable lag whenever they zoom or pan.

Twiddling of thumbs. A quick check of Facebook on their phone. Pop to make a coffee. Have a quick chat with a team member? Invariably, users are forced to slow their pace, lose their focus and halt their progress.

A few minutes delay every day soon add up into hours of lost time.


Accessing your data onsite may also be an issue you face, it can be annoying when a drawing, certification, specification document you want to open is only on your computer in the office. You may decide to use a USB drive to transport your drawing, but this opens up a can of worms in terms of security.

How Compex IT can help

It’s so important for our clients in the architectural, engineering and construction sector to have a solid foundation for speed, reliability and security.  Maintaining your IT is an essential requirement and understanding what to upgrade (and when) can be a real challenge. 

Not having a file when you need it can sometimes mean decisions can’t be made, which can delay a project. Not being able to access a file quickly and efficiently can also impede your working practises and the service you provide.

With our clients in the engineering and construction sectors we:

  • Make sure your team are fully supported by the most efficient, cost effective solutions to ensure they can provide the highest quality service and response rate as possible
  • Help you choose the machines that can handle the latest AutoDesk software and advise you on the most compatible graphics cards with Revit for example
  • Work with you to prevent problems before they happen. We proactively maintain your IT so the little problems don’t turn into big ones.
  • Show you how best to store your teams project files, so you are able to access them from wherever you are, saving you time.
  • Keep your data secure with our multi-layered approach to cyber security giving you peace of mind.

How does that sound? Would you like to find out more?

We’re so confident in providing such an amazing service we offer a 30-day guarantee. If you are not happy with our service after the first month we’ll refund your money!

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