Delete Facebook? Or look at other networks?

So #DeleteFacebook has been the reaction to the Cambridge Analytica scandal of a few weeks ago.

And while we’re sure Facebook will survive, it is perhaps time to look at the other networks available.

The platforms will change over the years. What will never change is people’s desire to reach out to each other and build connections. It’s a behaviour that’s hard wired inside us.

The easiest way to get attention for your business is to promote it where people are already going.

Here’s our one line review of the main social media networks:

  • Twitter – It’s best for: Everyone – from individuals to the largest multinational corporations
  • Instagram – It’s best for: Lifestyle, food, fashion personalities and luxury businesses
  • LinkedIn – It’s best for: B2B businesses and individuals who want to connect with new partners and customers
  • Facebook – It’s best for: Everyone. Show us a person who doesn’t have a Facebook account and we’ll show you someone who rarely even goes online. Year after year, it’s one of the best ways to engage with customers. And will probably continue to be so post-scandal
  • YouTube – It’s best for: Businesses that have information and expertise to share, through the power of video
  • Pinterest – It’s best for: Fashion, creative, arty, food businesses who like to make things look pretty

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