Coronavirus and remote working: 4 step checklist to stay connected

We’ve recently been speaking to our clients about Coronavirus as they have started to plan for the worst case scenario in terms of not being able to work from their office and instead, working from home.

Although the threat to your business isn’t that high now, it could very well be in the near future. And as a business owner or manager, you must always plan for the worst-case scenario.

Have you thought about how your business would cope if your workforce had to stay at home in isolation? Especially without a prior thought as to how your employees could continue working from home remotely and securely?

To help you create a business continuity plan, we have created a preparation checklist which is designed to help you think about how you can prepare. And how you can ensure your employees can continue working at home in isolation, as long as they are fit and healthy to do so.


Our checklist covers 4 main areas:

Data security – If more of your team starts to work from home, you are increasing your exposure to potential threats. Our checklist gives you an idea what you need to consider.

How to access data – It’s important that your team is able to access everything they need to carry on working. You may need to reconsider how and where you are saving data and files.

How to setup a home office – Does your team have the equipment they need to work remotely? Do you need to buy laptops? How about telephony systems?

Communication, collaboration and management – There is always the worry that employees aren’t as productive working from home. Clear channels should be implemented. Our checklist gives you an overview how to acheive this.


You might feel like this much preperation is a bit too much, considering the current threat levels to the the UK. But it is crucial to ensure your business can continue – the earlier you plan, the more prepared and protected your business will be.


Download the full checklist here, no signups needed


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