The Client

Vagdia and Holmes is an award-winning architectural business based in Coventry. The company is dedicated to helping people and communities get the best out of places, and much of the team’s work is with churches, community groups and public sector clients. Ten users work from the head office and remotely around the Midlands.

IT is critical to the company’s day to day operations. The team use CAD software and various other business software, from accountancy to HR, and they’re all as important as each other.

  The Problem

Prior to moving to Compex IT, the IT network was experiencing a lot of downtime and some of their computers were running very slowly when trying to use their CAD software, which as well as being incredibly frustrating also resulted in loss of money and productivity. Work wasn’t getting done and deadlines were getting missed. Files were often corrupted, and daily IT problems ate into the Director’s time. Being able to get their data and drawings whilst out of the office was also proving frustrating.

It was clear they needed a more efficient and reliable IT infrastructure that would be able to cope with their design demands that didn’t require constant maintenance and firefighting, so they contacted Compex IT at a local networking group.

  The Compex IT Solution

Compex IT conducted a thorough appraisal of the company’s IT infrastructure and identified several areas for improvement including some hardware upgrades including network equipment and some new computers, removing the ones that were causing frustration for members of the team trying get work complete for their clients.

Compex IT also implemented Microsoft Office 365, which has vastly improved productivity, flexibility and efficiency for the team. The team no longer have that frustration of not being able to get access to their data when they aren’t in the office, emails and files can now be accessed and worked on from any location, and with improved cyber security measures in place data is both secure and accessible.  Microsoft Teams was also introduced enabling them to quickly and effectively communicate with each other.

The team now have reliable, stable and effective tech making it easier to get their jobs done. A faster network and Office 365 have totally transformed the way Vagdia and Holmes work. The Director was also able to spend a lot less time being hassled that “IT wasn’t working again” and more time focusing on growing the business.

  What the Client said

We’d spent two or three years just firefighting and courting other potential IT service providers, but none of them felt like a good fit. We tried a few out, but for various reasons they didn’t work out. But we started working with Compex IT,  they’re extremely personable and easy to get on with, as well as being incredibly technically able and trustworthy.

Working with Compex IT helps us to innovate, which is incredibly important in our line of work. Office 365 has completely changed the way we work. It’s made us more productive, flexible and communication is much more straightforward. We can now access all the documents we need when we’re working out in the field, which has made a huge difference. We also feel much more secure. Our system is completely reliable now and we know they’re looking after our data.”

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