The Client

Located near Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter, Stoford Properties is a prestigious property development company with over 20 staff. Since its establishment in 1996, Stoford has established itself as an innovative, high quality company renowned for its specialist occupier-led property solutions and timely project delivery. IT plays an essential role in the firm’s daily operations, and with so much time spent working out in the field it’s important for team members to be able to access documents and collaborate on the go with security of this data of primary concern.

  The Problem

Stoford had been working with another IT support company, but over a period of time the level of support and customer service began to fall. This led to a lot of frustration and disorganisation, with the system often going down and files becoming unavailable, it was having a major impact on daily operations with development and project managers unable to access important information out in the field. There was also the need of wanting to improve how they did things using technology but didn’t have the guidance and support they needed to move forward.

A new office move led the management team to look for a new IT provider who would offer the proactivity they needed, a company that would give the support and advice to a growing business and help them use the technology they already had a lot more effectively to help them respond more efficiently to client demands. Compex IT were recommended by one of Stoford’s partners, a local engineering services consultancy company who have worked with Compex IT for several years.

  The Compex IT Solution

Compex IT visited the management team to discuss their IT needs and the company’s processes in detail. An initial assessment was carried out and improvements to the way the team worked, their current IT infrastructure and how they kept their IT secure were suggested.

They fully implemented Office 365 in the new premises that enabled the team to more easily work out in the field and collaborate with each other, completely redesigning the IT infrastructure to fit with the company’s changing needs. The reliability of their IT internally and out in the field were no longer issues, enabling them to get on with their projects uninterrupted and with the peace of mind that Compex IT where always their to quickly rectify any issues they did have.

Security at Stoford needed to be improved, the initial assessment uncovered several issues which needed to be quickly rectified. Computers and laptops were made more secure, new security software installed, the firewall was re-configured and hardened. Multi-factor authentication, a more robust backup solution and proactive monitoring were also implemented  to keep data secure and accessible.

Compex IT now manage all aspects of Stoford’s IT, providing consultancy, offering help and advice on the latest technologies alongside ongoing onsite and remote support and maintenance so they no longer have to worry about IT and can focus on serving their clients to the best of their ability.

  What the Client said

“Compex IT have helped us to view IT as an investment. Computers are absolutely integral to everything we do, so by investing in a robust and reliable system that moves with us we’ve been able to make great decisions for our business. We realised through experience with our last supplier that you get what you pay for, and that it’s easy to take computers for granted – when things don’t work properly it costs time and money. Now we have a system we can trust and supports our services to our clients, which is so important to us. Compex IT always have our needs on their radar and everything is secure. The team is more productive and happier, and we know we’ve got all the right software and security to do our jobs properly. We would definitely recommend Compex IT to anyone.”

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