The Client

MPA Financial Management Ltd is a specialist firm of Chartered Independent Financial Advisors with over 30 team members based in Warwickshire. During the first lockdown in March 2020 they very quickly found out that their existing technology was outdated and slow. They knew they needed to future-proof the business and weren’t sure how.

  The Problem

When MPA first made the move to working from home, it soon became clear that their server-based system wasn’t suitable. They couldn’t all be logged into the system at the same time as it reduced the working capabilities of the system for each user… working became very, very difficult.

During lockdown, their Advisors changed their usual face to face appointments to video or telephone calls, resulting in them being logged into the system all day. Their admin team were also on the system trying to do their jobs. Everything was slow… the working behaviours of MPA’s staff had changed and there simply wasn’t enough IT capacity for everyone to do their job.

MPA took Covid as an opportunity to stress-test the business and to think about what they did need to future-proof the company going forward. They needed an overhaul, and though they had a good idea of what they wanted, they weren’t entirely sure whether this was possible. MPA knew they needed all staff to be able to work without interruptions caused by IT, and most importantly, they needed to keep all of their data safe – whether working from home or in the office. MPA wanted the guidance and reassurance that the changes they wanted to adopt would achieve their goals.

MPA’s current IT supplier just didn’t offer them that. They felt like they were leading the relationship, telling them what they wanted instead of them telling them what they needed to be able to work in the way they should. MPA felt the communication wasn’t there, they waited for us to find problems rather than being proactive and putting in place systems that would benefit the way they work. The relationship broke down and MPA felt like that trust in their support had gone.

It was at this point that MPA decided to look around for a new IT support partner.

  The Compex IT Solution

We spoke with Annemarie and the rest of the senior management team. We developed a plan to completely remove their reliance on their servers – this would eliminate many of the day-to-day problems they were experiencing while also increasing the team’s efficiency and resiliency. No more worrying about the potential downtime of a server and losing that single point of failure.

MPA also needed the solution to be easily scalable and flexible due to their future growth plans but also simple and secure due to the highly sensitive client information they held.

  • The first task was to remove their servers and fully transition to Microsoft 365 for email, data access, communication and collaboration. This meant MPA’s advisors could quickly and securely access the information they needed wherever they were.
  • The speed and reliability of their IT and technology were no longer an issue – Everyone immediately noticed the difference in speed and all the problems that were crippling them before just went away.
  • Working with other clients in the financial sector we knew how important security was to MPA. We implemented a multi-layered approach to their security. This is the best way to help mitigate potential data breaches. This included having full visibility of all devices whether they were in the office or working from home, having the right hardware and software in place, securing and monitoring Microsoft 365, email protection, making sure software is always up to date and implementing policies and procedures.

We are a one-stop shop for all things IT-related which has given them complete of mind. It’s not just about fixing things, we help MPA look at how systems would grow with the business and how small changes can help their team be more productive.

  What the Client said

“We knew from the get-go that Compex IT stood out. They gave us the confidence we were looking for. Their investment into both their business and ours was something we hadn’t seen from any of the other IT suppliers we spoke to. They mirrored so much of the way that we like to work for our clients that it just seemed like the perfect fit.

They really set the bar and even the bigger corporations we spoke to didn’t come close. We knew that Compex IT was a company we could work with, a company who don’t speak in jargon, who know how to help you understand something and who really want to make it work.

Having Compex IT as our IT support partner has made such an amazing difference to our business. From the start they told us what they were going to do and when they were going to do it. It was honestly the best decision we’ve ever made to work with Compex IT. They were with us every step of the way.

We all feel so confident if we need help. We just pick up the phone and they’re accommodating and friendly and don’t make us feel silly if we can’t explain a problem correctly. It has made such a huge difference.

Although they’re a smaller organisation, 100% Compex have gone above and beyond any bigger organisation we’ve ever worked with. They’re professional, they’re trustworthy, they’re honest. They talk in real terms and they actually care. We know they want us to do well and we sincerely want that for them as well”

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