The Client

Based in Birmingham near St Paul’s Square, ESC is a renowned team of building services consulting engineers and environment & sustainability consultants. The range of consultancy services offered vary from advice and troubleshooting to full scale building and renovation project management. The highly skilled, commercially minded team is committed to making buildings and environments the best they can possibly be, both now and in the future.

There are 20 users both in the office and remotely, with working out on site an important part of what they do. In order to deliver its services to clients, the whole team relies heavily on their high performing computer systems and need to be able to access their data from wherever they are.

  The Problem

The management team at ESC struggled to find an IT company who understood what they do and how they need to operate. Members of the team were regularly out of the office and onsite, but getting access to data and communicating effectively with other key staff whilst out onsite was proving problematic. The team in the office were regularly experiencing performance issues on their computers when using their design software, causing a lot of irritation. ESC needed to have reliable and high performing computers able to cope with the demands of their AutoCAD software to meet their clients’ tight deadlines, so any inefficiencies were both costly and frustrating.

The team were also concerned about the increasing cyber security threat and felt their previous IT company weren’t offering them the advice they needed. Due to the types of clients they work with, it was very important to them to know their data was secure.

They worked with a large, international IT support company, but found it challenging to find a clear point of contact who they could build a lasting relationship with, rather than having to keep explaining the same things to different people. There was also an issue with the previous company tending to provide a reactive service rather than a proactive one, so ESC needed IT support from a team who prevented issues before they happened  instead of just firefighting.

  The Compex IT Solution

ESC’s accountants recommended they contact Compex IT. Going from a larger corporate IT company, they had some reservations about using a smaller firm, because of the assumption that larger firms with 100’s of staff are going to be able to provide a more efficient service.  They soon discovered that the complete opposite was true. As soon as ESC moved to Compex IT it quickly became apparent how much more support was available from a smaller firm.

The hands on, friendly approach and local location made it easy to establish a rapport, and because Compex IT worked with other businesses in the same sector they understand the industry and what’s required from an IT perspective.

The under-performing infrastructure was upgraded, and computers were quickly removed and replaced with powerful hardware. The new system could cope with ESC’s design software – no more twiddling of thumbs, waiting for their computers to load a drawing.

Data was moved to the cloud, so the team could work easier together wherever they were. Their network was fully secured with a multi-layered approach along with proactively monitoring their IT remotely to achieve maximum uptime, without having to worry about  how secure their data was.

Later on, a new business tender required ESC to obtain Cyber Essentials Accreditation. Compex IT was able to help them achieve this accreditation, supporting them throughout the entire process.

  What the Client said

“With our old provider, we never felt that we were speaking to someone who knew us or knew our IT business objectives.  They were not proactive in offering solutions to issues that may affect us, merely reactive to an issue when it did arise, which when it comes to IT in our industry is often too late and causes all sorts of problems with our deadlines.  Compex IT take the time to listen to us and our needs and thus are able to offer a much more proactive approach to our IT needs.  By having this personal service, we have trust in knowing that Compex IT are offering us the best possible advice for our needs. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

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