The Client

Based in Coventry’s Gallagher Business Park and with offices in Telford and County Durham, E-PPL are launch and rework specialists working with some of the biggest names in the automotive industry. The team of highly skilled vehicle technicians and specialist advisors are renowned for delivering exceptional projects at critical times. The company is now the largest automotive service provider in the UK, with customers around the world.

There are over 90 users over the three offices and remotely, and tech is absolutely essential to operations. The company works with a lot of confidential data and deals with complex systems, so the whole team depend on a reliable, secure IT infrastructure.

  The Problem

Before moving to Compex IT, the IT systems manager found it challenging to stay on top of IT issues and get a proper response from the existing previous service providers. Issues weren’t getting sorted out in a timely manner, sometimes taking a number of days before getting a response, this was creating issues with the business not being able to meet client deadlines. He was spending a lot of time chasing up and there was very little in terms of communication, which became very frustrating, making it almost impossible to keep all the lights on. He started to worry that their IT wasn’t as secure as it needed to be and also started to question some of the technology recommendations given by their existing IT providers, he felt they were not fitting for a company of E-PPL’s size.

Their problems with IT were causing them plenty of operational headaches. It was clear that they had quickly outgrown their existing provider and a more self-sufficient, secure IT system and proactive service provider were essential, so they contacted several IT providers and Compex IT stood out above all of the rest.

  The Compex IT Solution

Compex IT very quickly provided the hands-on approach that the IT Systems Manager needed, conducted a thorough assessment of the existing IT setup before making recommendations and suggesting ongoing support. IT bottlenecks were found, and hardware replaced to remove these. Backups weren’t as optimal as they needed to be for how critical EPPL’s data was to them and a new business continuity plan was implemented. IT security was also a concern with a number of vulnerabilities found, Compex IT implemented their layered approach to cyber security to harden their infrastructure.

E-PPL’s IT systems manager no longer worries about the security of E-PPL’s data. He is also spending a lot less time on frustrating computer issues and more time on his job. Response times to get IT issues fixed have also improved considerably with users no longer having to go and find a spare device to work on whilst waiting to get their issue fixed.

Overall, E-PPL benefit from a much more stable IT environment, making everyone happier.

  What the Client said

“Our new system is very secure. I don’t have any worries at all because I know they keep an eye on things and take care of any issues before they have a chance to turn into big problems. They’re always up to date with security and new technology, so I feel I can just let them get on with it. Working with Compex IT is hassle free and fast. We just have to raise a ticket and they will deal with it very quickly. They clearly have respect for their customers and they’re easy to talk to. It also helps that they’re local. I’m glad to say it’s been a totally different experience from our previous IT company – Compex IT have completely restored our faith in IT providers.”

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