The Client

David Paradine is an electrical contracting company with over 20 team members based in Walsall in the West Midlands. Their core business is complete M&E systems solutions with a focus on healthcare, commercial and educational sectors. The IT and tech in their business is vital, from communicating with each other, to all of their training, and the estimates they create to win jobs. 

  The Problem

David Paradine had been working with a previous IT supplier and their experience with them was not up to their standards. Their focus was more on daily functions such as internet or printer issues. Their communications and innovation could have been much better. 

Any time Sara and her colleagues contacted them for help they struggled to get back to them, sometimes taking days or they didn’t get back to them at all which was becoming very frustrating, issues weren’t getting rectified but also simple tasks such as getting a new email address setup took days to complete.

David Paradine was expanding at a quick pace and being kept up to date with new technologies and knowing of ways to improve how they could use their technology was important to them. This also was nonexistent from their previous IT supplier, leaving them to find out better ways of doing things themselves. 

They knew they needed to switch to another IT company. One that could accommodate their IT needs, give them the peace of mind that everything is taken care of, as well as share the same principles as them.

  The Compex IT Solution

We initially had a chat with Sara and the management team, found out what issues they were having and what they felt a successful outcome would look like to them.

It seemed obvious to us to they needed someone to fully take control and ownership of their IT so they didn’t have to worry anymore. The first step to achieve this was to give them the confidence that their problems would be sorted in a timely manner so they could get on with what they needed to do and achieve.

The second step was to simplify their technology whilst improving communication, increasing efficiency, and boosting security.

  • We quickly removed their onsite server as it was restricting them, it also would save them money, removing the overheads associated with a server.
  • Their outdated phone system was replaced so they were able to save money whilst improving communication when their team were working from home, on-site or in the office
  • They were already using Microsoft 365 but not to its potential, we guided them on how to use its other features to improve how they worked on a day-to-day basis.
  • The security of their data was also drastically improved, removing old, outdated hardware and software so they had that peace of mind that their data is taken care of.

We now manage all aspects of David Paradine’s IT on an ongoing basis, making sure they have the help and advice they need so they can get on with doing what they do best.

  What the Client said

“The difference has been like night and day…

We think of Compex more like a partner than a supplier. They’re always available for us, and they stay in regular contact. They’re a part of the company and the peace of mind that comes with that is second to none. We simply don’t have the worry or frustration of IT problems anymore. Before, nothing seemed to ever work.

They’re proactive in helping with things and actually make suggestions on improvements before we raise the subject. They’re always there, maintaining everything and making sure problems don’t affect us.

They’re so transparent with everything they do, and they make it so easy to approach them with an issue. Sometimes, if you’re not in IT you don’t always know the right terminology to discuss a problem, which can be frustrating, but they speak to you clearly and without getting too technical.

Ours is a growing business, and this is exactly the kind of help we need with our IT and tech. They help us to look at things not just for now, but for later too. Our systems can grow with us and there won’t be unexpected costs later down the line.

We are so happy that we came on board with Compex IT and we can’t wait to continue the relationship for years to come.”

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