Our Clients love what we do

We’ve helped many businesses in Birmingham and the West Midlands of all shapes and sizes with their IT over the years. Our clients love what we do because we believe that when you IT works, so do your people. Our unique approach put’s you and your team ahead of the technology itself, this allows us to ensure your people have the right tools, which are supported to work for them and not the other way around. Technology doesn’t need to be made difficult – it’s our job to simplify it which results in a happy, busy team and satisifed clients.

Read about how we've helped some of our clients with their IT below:

Lucent LogoView Case Study
Lucent Financial Planning Ltd
Lucent were growing rapidly and IT was getting more difficult to manage, it was becoming a bit of a burden to them even though they knew if was important to harness. They needed an IT company to fully take over their IT and take charge so they wouldn’t have to worry about it.
V&H LogoView Case Study
Vagdia and Holmes Ltd
Vagdia and Holmes were experiencing a number of frustrations with their IT. Daily issues were eating into the Director's time which was causing problems elsewhere in the business. Compex IT helped improve their network and streamline how they worked on a day to day basis.
ESC LogoView Case Study
Engineering Services Consultancy Ltd
The whole team at ESC relied heavily on their high performing computers and the need to access their data from wherever they were but this was proving problematic with their old provider. In stepped Compex IT who knew exactly what they needed to rectify these issues.
SVMA LogoView Case Study
SVM Associates Ltd
As engineering consultants, IT is vital to SVMA's business but their set-up was seriously impacting on the team's productivity. There was a quick and clear improvement after starting to work with Compex IT.
EPPL LogoView Case Study
E-ppl/Autoscan Ltd
IT issues weren’t getting sorted out in a timely manner, this was creating issues with the business not being able to meet client deadlines. Compex IT very quickly provided the hands-on approach that they needed,
Stoford LogoView Case Study
Stoford Properties Ltd
Stoford wanted an IT provider that would support and guide them as a growing business, and help them use technology more efficiently in order to respond to client demands. Compex IT was brought in to manage all aspects of their technology.
Edward Thomas Interiors LogoView Case Study
Edward Thomas Interiors Ltd
After rapid growth, it became clear that Edward Thomas Interiors needed help with their technology to progress further. Compex IT quickly improved the way they accessed data, vastly improving the team's productivity whilst keeping their data secure.
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David Paradine Ltd
David Paradine had been working with a previous IT supplier and their experience with them was not up to their standards. They were expanding at a quick pace and they knew they needed guidance from an alternate provider. Compex quickly took control and ownership of their IT, leaving them to do what they do best.
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MPA Financial Management Ltd
During the first lockdown, in March 2020, MPA very quickly found out that their existing technology was outdated and slow. They knew they needed to future-proof the business but wasn't sure how. After a lengthy process, MPA decided that Compex was the company to help them.

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