Is your business under attack? This book will help you defend yourself

Businesses these days are being attacked from all sides. The cyber criminals are constantly looking for a way in and will stop at nothing to steal data, staff are innocently causing problems through a lack of awareness, and the Government is enforcing ever more complex rules and regulations.

Unless you’re an IT expert it’s pretty much impossible to keep the risks at bay on your own.   So, we’ve written a book that tackles common data security nightmares head on and can stop your business becoming another statistic.

Our new book, Caught in the Crosshairs is an easy read, but it’s packed with invaluable information on important issues like data loss, downtime, backups, updates and cyber security. It looks at the different ways businesses are under attack and how to stop little problems before they become great big, reputation shattering ones.

It’s a book that can keep your business safe from cyber-crime, because not only will it tell you how to avoid the issues listed above but it also challenges common misconceptions we hear every day. Some of the most common reasons business owners ignore investing in cyber security are as follows:

  • “Nobody cares about my data -it’s the big names they make the money from!”
  • “It costs too much to upgrade”
  • “It’s only Windows based computer systems that are at risk”
  • “Security software will slow our system down”
  • “We only ever visit safe websites”

If you’ve ever used any of them as a reason not to upgrade your security, you need to read this book! And even if you understand the importance of cyber security and think yours is working just fine, there will be a few surprises along the way too.

The vast majority of data breaches are down to user error. Sure, the risks exist because cyber criminals are out there, but they can only succeed if someone lets them in. Poor password management and lack of awareness put businesses at risk, so it’s important to stay one step ahead. This book tells you in no-nonsense, jargon free language how to secure your data and protect your hard-earned reputation.

This is a book that’s packed with good, honest advice from IT security professionals who understand the challenges faced by businesses like yours.


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