The added benefits of proactive IT Support

Last week we established the benefits of prevention over cure, but working proactively can help your business in lots of other ways too.

Here a few of the main ways it can help benefit your business:


Better decision making  – Good Managed Service Partners will constantly maintain an overview of your system. They’ll use automated tools for this, backed up by experts interpreting the information.

This enables you to make informed decisions and identify any areas or weakness in your current infrastructure. Having it all presented clearly in front of you puts you in control, and makes it easier to see when you do need to scale up.

Budgeting – A proactive approach to IT gives you the ability to plan and budget your IT expenditure in a more strategic way. When you’re just bumbling along hoping things keep working, inevitably you will have to shell out a lot of cash sooner or later. The proactive support that comes with managed IT services typically includes monitoring, updates and continuous health checks, all wrapped up in one simple monthly payment.

Strategy – Doing a full inventory of your IT assets along with a thorough risk assessment is a long, drawn out process, which is why so many companies fail to look at their computer systems on a strategic level. The trouble is, IT is a strategic issue that can make or break your business.

Outsourcing to someone who takes a proactive approach is often the answer. They’ll take care of everything from hardware to soft ware updates and ensure it’s all aligned with your business goals.

Security – With cyber crime the biggest threat to businesses and the GDPR upping the ante, data security has never been a hotter topic. If you’re not doing everything in your power to look after business critical information, that lackadaisical approach will bite you before too long.

Proactive IT support will protect your network from cyber attacks and keep your data safe, secure and in the right hands. 

Morale & Productivity – Although it’s meant to help us, IT can be a real time stealer. Think of all the time you’ve spent waiting for a page to load, retrieving a lost file or dealing with a paper jam. Then multiply it by all the people in your team. See how it quickly adds up?

When computers don’t work properly, people respond in different ways. Some see it as an opportunity to down tools and do nothing for the rest of the day. Others become frustrated and demotivated because they can’t do their jobs. Either way, it’s not great for business.

A proactive approach significantly slashes the risk of downtime and helps create an environment in which people can be productive. Productivity and happiness go hand in hand, so by giving your staff the right tools for the job you’re well on the way to a more harmonious, happier workplace.

Disaster Recovery – Accidents happen. Major events such as fires, floods and cyber-attacks are a threat to all businesses and even severe weather events like hurricanes don’t just happen abroad. While the “Great UK Earthquake” of February 2018 didn’t exactly ravage the country, acts of God do still occur, and computers are oft en among the hardest hit. If all your critical data is stored on a server which gets destroyed in a fire or flood, could your business survive?

Proactive IT support providers will put disaster recovery plans in place and ensure all your data is backed up. That means that even if the worst does happen, the information you need to survive will be completely safe and accessible. 

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