Strategic IT Assessment

Technology is always changing - to not keep your business' IT infrastructure up-to-date with such advances may leave you out in the cold.

Becoming reliant on legacy technology can make you feel trapped; often businesses become locked-in to very old systems, which have updated well-beyond their current version, or possibly may even no longer exist!

Making small regular updates will allow your business to keep ahead – saving both time & money, along with empowering you by leveraging the latest technology to make you more efficient and competitive.

At Compex, we provide businesses with a Strategic Assessment of their IT infrastructure. This review is totally independent of your existing IT team, completely free and with no obligations or commitment to engage with us beyond our review.

Take control and change the tide with your technology through a Free Strategic IT Assessment by Compex IT – get a true understanding of your current infrastructure, along with a strategic roadmap of what the future could mean for your IT.


    Gary & Mark

    Benefit with our consultative approach to roadmap your IT future through our Free Strategic Assessment

    Why have an independent IT Assessment?

    Totally Independent – Benefit from a review conducted outside of your incumbent IT team’s / provider’s views

    Completely Free – We do not charge clients for the benefit of our Strategic IT Assessment

    No Obligation – Should you wish to engage our services for all or part of the review that’s great, but otherwise we do not ask for any commitment to taking forward any of our recommendations

    Roadmap – We provide clients with a Strategic Roadmap for the possible future path that the technology within your business could take

    Expert Advice  We have the benefit of years’ of experience delivering solutions for clients that are both technically & commercially sound

    Industry Expertise – We have worked in a number of key verticles and can often relate real-world experience in matching the best solutions to fit our client’s industry

    Why are our Assessments free? What's the catch?

    By providing a free of charge service to your business we’re able to demonstrate our expertise & capability to you, with no commitment or cost.

    It is very nice for clients that we can sometimes report back a positive assessment of their IT infrastructure, with just a few pointers and advice for the future.

    We also pride ourselves in reporting to clients an accurate, non-tech-speak, picture of any issues and weaknesses with their infrastructure that we may detect. Some faults may be critical, and perhaps going unnoticed on a day-to-day basis, but are infact having a large underlying impact on the efficiency or security of the business’ operation.

    We have a strong belief in supporting other businesses based locally to us in Birmingham with advancing their technology, and if we’re able to do business together in the future that’s a great bonus. Either way, there’s no obligation.

    Compex IT