Are You Seeing Too Much of Your Current IT Support People?

It’s great to get to know your work colleagues and business partners, but if you’re seeing your IT support people too often it could be a warning sign.

The stereotypical IT guy works quietly in the basement and rarely sees the light of day, let alone another human. Although the vast majority of us have excellent communication skills these days, if we’re doing our jobs properly you shouldn’t actually need to see very much of us at all.

IT is integral to all modern businesses. Every second that your computer system isn’t performing well ends up costing you time and money. A survey conducted by business internet provider Beaming found that during 2016 alone, internet downtime cost UK companies more than £7 billion. In some cases, the effects of losing internet connections for extended periods of time have been so severe that businesses were forced to cease trading altogether.

Prevention is always better than cure, but particularly so when it comes to IT. Just a few years ago the average business owner bought their own computers and only called someone in when they went wrong. This reactive approach was fine when IT was only used to print letters and send messages, but not anymore. When you consider how much we rely on computers and the internet to go about our daily business, a proactive approach is essential.

Good IT providers always work proactively, looking out for issues before they arise and stopping cyber-attacks in their tracks. Instead of waiting for things to go wrong and sending you a big bill for hours of troubleshooting and fixing, they’ll be busy preventing problems. That’s great for you because not only will it keep your business fully operational, it will save you a lot of money. It’s also likely to contribute to a happier workplace, since downtime and inefficient systems are major causes of low morale.

Taking a proactive approach to IT keeps your business critical data safe, so even if there’s a fire or flood and your whole physical office is destroyed, you’ll still have access to the information you need.

It’s great if your IT people are friendly, supportive and always at your beck and call. But if they’re really worth their salt, they should be doing their job so well that you forget what they look like.

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