Our clients are empowered to work remotely, flexibly and more adeptly whilst doing so in a simple and secure way.

We understand the unique nature of your industry. We’ve provided IT Support, Microsoft 365 and Cybersecurity services to the construction supply chain for a number of years including architects, consulting engineers, civil engineers, surveyors and commercial property developers.

We know how vital IT is to the daily running of your business with an increasing reliance on your technology. Software like AutoCAD and Revit are getting better and better which puts more demand on your hardware. Your office is now everywhere, your team needs access to their designs and files wherever they are and your data needs to be more secure than ever before handling confidential client information.

Find out how we've helped our architectural, engineering and property development clients with their IT

Is your IT giving you a headache?

Your team needs to stay focused on projects and we know how incredibly frustrating inefficient and underperforming IT is to you and your team. This often results in lost income, productivity and, in the worst-case scenario, potential business.

Access anywhere

Your engineers and managers need to be able to access designs and files wherever they are; whether that be in a meeting room with your collaborative partners, at home or out on-site without compromising on security.

Performance issues

Your need for high performance is more crucial than for most other industries. Large CAD and BIM files need increased network, workstation and server performance and storage capacity.

Securing data

With your projects often spanning months, and often years, any data loss can be catastrophic. Ensuring your team’s work and progress is protected and secure throughout the entirety of a project is essential.

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Does this ever happen to your team?


Accessing your data effectively whilst working remotely either at home or onsite is proving problematic. You just want it be easy!. It can be frustrating and inefficient when a drawing, certification, specification document you want to work on is only easily accessible in the office. You may decide to get someone to email it to you for ease, or if you know you’ll need the file, copy it to your laptop or a USB drive to transport your file. This, not only sucks up unnecessary time, it’s causing frustration due to their now being more than one version of the file, this can quite quickly turn into an admin nightmare. Not to mention, opening up a can of worms in terms of security.


You may have members of the team in the office and some working from home or onsite. Collaboration and communication between everybody isn’t as effective as you know it should be, meaning jobs are taking longer than they should.

For your staff working at home or onsite, they may be heavily relying on a VPN connection which is temperamental to say the least, or you store your data in the cloud but the large file sizes mean accessing them easily is difficult .This is a cause for so much frustration, just like underperforming computers…Twiddling of thumbs. A quick check of Facebook on their phone. Pop to make a coffee. Invariably, users are forced to slow their pace, lose their focus and halt their progress, meaning work not getting complete and deadlines potentially missed.

A few minutes delay every day soon add up into hours of lost time.

Your IT peace of mind

It’s so important for our architects and engineering clients to have a solid foundation for speed, reliability and security, whilst being able to easily communicate and collaborate between members of the team or your collaboration partners in a streamlined way. Maintaining your IT is also an essential requirement and understanding what to upgrade (and when) can be a real challenge. 

How we can help you:

  • Help your team collaborate and share easier between each other and with collaborative partners on a project by project basis.
  • Empower your team to work remotely, flexibly and more adeptly by helping them access drawings, documents and other information anytime and anywhere whilst doing so securely
  • Make sure your team are fully supported by the most efficient, cost effective solutions to ensure they can provide the highest quality service and response rate as possible
  • Work with you to prevent problems before they happen. We proactively maintain your IT so the little problems don’t turn into big ones.
  • Keep your data secure with our multi-layered approach to cyber security giving you peace of mind.

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We’re so confident in providing such an amazing service we offer a 6-month guarantee. If you are not happy with our service during the first 6 months, we’ll refund all your money!

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