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If your "new normal" isn't easy You're doing it wrong

When the lockdown happened in March, many businesses rushed to help employees work from home.

And working from home has turned out to be more successful than we could have imagined.

However, for many businesses, some of the changes put in place were just temporary work arounds.

That was OK, because your clients expected a disruption to usual service. The whole world was thrown into turmoil.

But now that we’ve got new working patterns in place, we need to adapt a mentality of ‘anyone can work anywhere, at any time, on any device’.

That means full flexibility as people choose where they want to work on a weekly basis.

It’s time to make working from home as easy as working from the office….

"During the COVID-19 outbreak Compex thought of solutions before I even thought of the challenge"

Hannah Knight, Lucent Financial Planning

No more disruption, downtime, or stress

Mark Dodds

With the right policies, tools, and technology in place, your business can run seamlessly, no matter where individual staff are working from.

Do it right, and you will save time, money and stress. While increasing productivity, business flexibility, and customer loyalty

My name is Mark Dodds and I own and run a local IT support and data security company. This year I’ve seen exactly how vital a good IT infrastructure is to a successful business.

My team can help you to keep your business running smoothly, wherever your people work from.

And to make sure that you have the right systems in place, we’re now offering an IT infrastructure review to local businesses.

This is a completely free service.

“Fortunately, we had our ‘4th emergency service’ on hand”

Janet Newbold, SVM Associates

We simply want to show local businesses how a few changes can make a big difference to the way your people work.

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