It’s all about being proactive. Because a reactive approach misses the bigger picture

Prevention, as we all know, is always better than cure. And this is especially true when it comes to IT. Traditionally, businesses would buy their own computers and just call someone in if they went wrong. This approach is known as reactive IT support, and it often used to be enough. Not anymore.

Today, computer technology has advanced so much that it enables us to perform complex business tasks at the touch of a button and communicate freely with people from all over the world. We can email from the comfort of our homes, conference call from the beach, sign multi-million pound contracts on the train.

All this increased productivity is great when things are running smoothly, but when they’re not it’s often enough to send your entire business crashing to a halt. Modern organisations simply can’t afford to rely on a reactive approach to their IT.

IT support can be compared to car maintenance. You can choose to ignore the warning lights on the dash and not bother with servicing until the car inevitably breaks down. Or, more sensibly, you can take a proactive approach, making sure your vehicle is properly maintained and given the TLC it deserves.

The biggest problem with reactive IT support is that it only deals with specific issues; the smaller pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. Without visibility into the entire IT infrastructure of your business, it’s only a matter of time before something else goes wrong. What’s more, the IT people you send in will have to spend a lot of time troubleshooting and digging around before they can identify the root of the problem. If you’re paying by the hour, that’s a lot of wasted money.

Proactive IT support, on the other hand, is all about prevention. In the same way that regular oil checks and services help keep your car on the road, proactive IT teams stop problems before they happen. They perform regular checks and constantly monitor systems for glitches and security breaches.

You’ll also find they tend to take a holistic approach to IT infrastructures. Looking at the bigger picture, from environment to network to individual work stations means far fewer stumbling block.


Look out for Part 2 next week when we’ll talk about the benefits of proactive IT Support

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