It’s been a year since GDPR…already!!

It’s difficult to believe, but a whole year has passed since everyone was panicking about the new GDPR data protection regulations commencing.

Fines issued over the past twelve months have already totalled €56m. And watchdogs say the European data protection agencies are just warming up. Yes that includes here in the UK.

In the first few months alone, just over 205,000 cases were reported across 31 different countries.

And now the data officers have settled into their roles, they’re taking a zero- tolerance approach to breaches.

So if you’ve taken your eye off the data protection ball over the last few months, this is a gentle reminder that it’s definitely time to take action.

No business can afford to take risks with their customers’ data in this day and age. Are you 100% sure that your data is:

  1. Secured?
  2. Encrypted?
  3. Backed up?

Want to get the best for your business?

Here at Compex IT, we specialise in learning our clients’ business and best applying security technology to their needs.

If you would appreciate a free brief discussion about your operational challenges & to explore the threats to your business then get in touch for a chat.

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