9 cyber threats you need to know about today

According to a 2019 report from Beaming, UK businesses are seeing an average of 146,491 attempted cyber attacks. That works out at about one attack every minute, and no company is too big or too small.

Whereas hackers used to focus their efforts on huge organisations working with lots of juicy top secret information, they’re now just as interested in small businesses with just a few staff and what might be mistakenly viewed as “boring” data.

Why do they do it?

Because when people care about the information they collect, they’ll often be prepared to go to great lengths to get it back if it’s lost.

Every day cyber criminals are hatching new dastardly plans for data theft, coming up with increasingly sophisticated methods of extraction. These days most of us know to avoid letters from Nigerian princes asking for cash, and the hackers are very aware of that. That’s why even the savviest of business people are getting caught out every single day by responding to what looks like a perfectly normal request from a trusted colleague.

If you want to stay ahead of the hackers, it’s essential that you (and everyone in your company) understands the risks. Our guide takes you through the top nine security threats that are causing organisations to lose money, time and their reputations, such as:

  • Ransomware
  • Irregular backups
  • Malware attacks
  • Supply chain attacks

Like it says in The Art of War, it’s essential to know your enemy. You’ve got a much greater chance of beating the cyber baddies if you understand how their minds work and take a proactive approach to cyber security. That has to include a layered approach, creating as many layers as possible to help mitigate potential attacks, but it’s important to remember the human factor too.

Hackers carefully create their malicious software in response to human behaviour. They know that people are more likely to make mistakes when they’re tired and under pressure, and they use that to their full advantage.

Hackers use advanced technology, but that tech can only do its job if someone lets it. Silly mistakes like clicking on infected links or failing to check email addresses are easy to make, but have lasting repercussions.

If you want to keep your data safe, it’s absolutely imperative that everyone in your organisation with access to a computer is able to recognise a scam.

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9 Cyber threats you need to know about

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